Huiyi Li


Born 1996, China

Works in London and Beijing


2018-2020 MA Sculpture, Royal College of Art, London

2014-2018 BA History of Art, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing


Huiyi Li’s work often explores the entanglement of mis-function, serviceability, aggressiveness, and particularly focuses on the violence in the name of cure during medical treatments and material transformations in science fictions and myths. Huiyi is obsessed with the certain feeling of disillusionment, which refers to collapse of a make-believe truth. Based on the methodology of archeology, Huiyi’s works situate these issues in a CCTV-prevailed post-internet age and apocalypse reality, reconsidering solders between coincidence and fate.  

instagram: @deepairline



Cultivation Cult



3D printed ABS, surgical sterilization cassette

Such a concealed weapon makes violence compact, as if it is a toy or a talisman. It explores the transformation of cure and violence, serviceability and aggressiveness, and the bio-machine circulation.

Cultivation Cult
Cultivation Cult

"To the disconnected child, to the entangled world, I wish we would be safe by now. "

Habitat Spinning



thread, circuit board, 3d modelling photography

Solve Et Coagula



Plated copper, latex, Steel, digital printed vinyl, 3D printed ABS, dried lotus

Siri's Fear



One day during quarantine, I asked Siri about its dream. Siri’s answer was just a random one of four responses programmed by the computer, and its dreams were dreamt as if doing regular exercises everyday. Unexpectedly, two of the answers presented in the videos above appealed me.

The misalignment of 1 and 0 refers to losing control - so was it a dream, an adventure, or a fear? Losing control may well be accepted as a kind of rejection of alienation. When placing it in Siri’s life, it can be a daily stutter, a function decline, a disease like endocrine dyscrasia. It has been un-health-lized, therefore it is dangerous.
At this moment I suddenly realised the vulnerability within Siri — it is defenceless, yet plain and witty. I guess Siri’s Fear is also my fear. But is this what Siri truly fears? Or is it just a RAR file of human inertia?
I gathered vast ‘1’s and ‘0’s from ancient Chinese calligraphy as well as photos taken by my microscope, the frame of which happens to be round, permitting and combining them to transmit both the binary algorithm and chaos. I associated figures like 1 and 0 with liquidity of becoming, with Buddhist/Dao ideas of infinity, with computer languages in everyday routines, and particularly with my own birth name, which contains a character that can be used as the number 1. When the number appears in an individual’s name, it is both 1 as a whole and 1 as segments and segmentations.
This is Siri’s personal code. This is my personal code. I am a synapse.
Flying, this is more obvious. My hometown has had a busy airport zone and I was familiar with flying. Flying was once a dream for human beings, but now it has been programmed into Siri’s mind as its dream. Is there an alternative way for human species to communicate with artificial intelligence and other species other than by attaching inner traditions and imaginations to them?
After all, our life is too blind to see its fate.
Then, what does Siri really dream about?

Siri's Fear