Martha Panagiotopoulou


HYDROCENE is a fictional future room setting where all that remains from humanity are crystallized household objects. In the fish bowl on the table, one finds the only living organisms: ‘sea-monkeys’ (Artemia NYOS), an artificial hybrid shrimp breed which through cryptobiosis can live in extreme dryness and come back to life once sufficiently hydrated.


HYDROCENE is a human living room setting that brings together things that are unrelated to one another.  It is a place in between land and water, in between nature and culture, which depicts the fragility of our homes, our surroundings, our belongings, ourselves.







mixed media

Martha Panagiotopoulou (b.1991, Athens, Greece) is a multi-media artist currently based between Athens and Glasgow. She holds an MFA from Glasgow School of Art with distinction, and a Diploma of Architecture from the National Technical University of Athens. Her work has been exhibited both outdoors and in indoors spaces like GoMA. She has recently been awarded the NEON scholarship prize and her work was shortlisted and will be included at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26).

instagram: @_martha_pan_

email: martha_p22@hotmail.com


HYDR . O . CENE (documentation of the installation)