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Within my practice I aim to explore the visualisation of Scottish mythology and folklore as a way of investigating what I believe to be a loss of narrative and representation for Scotland’s ancestral beliefs and stories. I am interested in how Scottish society may have developed differently if monotheist belief had not taken over and rather local belief had been encouraged rather than persecuted – particularly in relation to our connection with the landscape, portrayal and position of women and respect for the land and its history. I look to achieve this through a multitude of mediums and approaches in order to consider the vast visual archive that never became and to begin to scratch the surface of what could be, if Scottish mythology and folklore became part of the norm again and a respected facet of belief within Scotland. Drawing influence from the fragments left behind in archaeological evidence and  word of mouth I aim to highlight the wealth of narrative within Scotland’s history and give voice to the central figure of the Cailleach, who was once the mother of everything within Scottish belief.


Born and raised in Scotland Rowan Ormiston is a young artist and a recent graduate of The Glasgow School of Art. She has a deep interest in the landscape around her and the stories that have brought it to life across the centuries, and aims to convey Scotland’s lost narratives through a multitude of mediums. Her work looks to challenge modern belief systems and our disdain for the unbelievable, and encourages the viewer to humour their inner child and to see the landscape as more than just nature but as an extension of their very being.

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The Archive
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Rowan Ormiston